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SEW EURODRIVE’s hazardous area gear units and motors approved for Australian market

SEW-EURODRIVE offers motors and gear units that meet the IECEx standards (international) for equipment intended for use in potentially hazardous areas.

SEW’s motors and gear units also meet ATEX (Europe) and HazLoc-NA (Northern America) standards, making these products ideal for worldwide use.

SEW-EURODRIVE’s motors and gearmotors are IECEx certified according to equipment protection levels (EPL) Gb and Gc (gas protection) and Db and Dc (dust protection). The combined gas/dust approvals for SEW gearmotors simplify the selection process for the relevant drive components, reduce the number of variants and allow the gearmotors to be used in combined gas/dust zones.

The 4-pole motors of categories 2 and 3 (or EPL .b and .c) are suitable for operation on a frequency inverter and in field weakening operation. SEW motors and inverters are available as electrical equipment in protection types ‘e’ (increased safety), ‘nA’ (non-sparking) and ‘tb’ and ‘tc’ (dust explosion protection). The gear units as non-electrical equipment are certified in protection types ‘c’ (design safety) and ‘k’ (liquid immersion).

The compact, performance-oriented properties of the standard drives from SEW-EURODRIVE are also included in the hazardous area motors, which are available in various designs in the power range of 0.12-75 kW.

The hazardous area gear units and motors from SEW-EURODRIVE are produced with special components and high quality assurance.

Product highlights include: Degree of protection IP54 (or higher, as an option) for motors in a gas environment, and degree of protection IP5x/IP6x for motors in a dust environment; Gear unit lubricant can withstand high temperatures, high-quality oil seals on the gear unit; Terminal box made from aluminium or grey cast iron, with terminal box seals withstanding high temperatures; External protective conductor connection on the terminal box; Improved grounding (EMC) with an additional connection (HF equipotential bonding); all screws secured against unwanted loosening; and each component (motor/gear unit) featuring a separate nameplate.

Gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE have proven themselves in diverse potentially hazardous atmospheres such as chemical, bulk handling, and food and beverage industries. 

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