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SEW-Eurodrive’s DriveAcademy training program underway

DriveAcademy provides end-users and system integrators with a comprehensive set of skills required to get the most out of motor and drive technologies and applications. It is based on the same in-depth technical training syllabus used to educate SEW Eurodrive’s own engineers. The seminars cover a range of topics from project planning for non-controlled and controlled drives and VSDs, to product-specified classes.

DriveAcademy runs two types of courses. Basic type courses that focus on features and benefits of SEW-Eurodrive products and services. These classes provide general information for users and distributors with little or no experience. Or secondly we run intermediate type courses that are designed to provide detailed information about specific SEW-Eurodrive products. These classes are for experienced users such as drive engineers and service applications engineers with a detailed working knowledge of specific products.

The upcoming seminar topics, dates and locations are:


Project planning and selection for non-controlled drives (24-25 May, Melbourne)

Project planning and selection for controlled drives and VSD (26-28 May, Melbourne)

Movitrac — operation, startup and troubleshooting (20 May, Brisbane)

Maintenance and repair of SEW gearmotors (6 May, Melbourne)


Movidrive — functionality, parameter setting and programming (7-11 June, Melbourne)

Control technology with Moviplc (basics) (16-18 June, Sydney)

Control technology with Moviplc (motion control) (24-25 June, Sydney)

Decentralised drives Movimot and Moviswitch — Operation, startup and troubleshooting (17 June, Brisbane)

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