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SEW-Eurodrive to open new plant in Germany

SEW-Eurodrive has announced plans to construct a new manufacturing facility alongside its global headquarters in Bruchsal, Germany.

Dedicated to the production of the company’s latest industrial gear solution, the SEW-Eurodrive X series (IGX), the new manufacturing facility will provide crucial support to SEW-Eurodrive’s global network of assembly and service centres.

According to SEW-Eurodrive national product manager industrial gear units, Ian Tribe, the construction of the new IGX manufacturing facility is exciting news for Australian industry. “The new facility will better enable SEW-Eurodrive to provide its individual global assembly and service centres with complete IGX gear units and components,” he said.

“Australian industry will have increased access to short delivery industrial gear units that are effectively tailored to their drive application. This development will be of particular significance when SEW-Eurodrive Australia opens its IGX assembly facility in Melbourne in the second half of 2008.”

The proximity of SEW-Eurodrive’s new IGX manufacturing facility to the company’s development department and headquarters is a real advantage. “This will enable tighter integration between SEW-Eurodrive’s design and manufacturing facilities and will allow for more efficient information exchange,” said Tribe.

“This is particularly relevant for the IGX range, as many gear unit configurations are tailored to the drive application or are customer-specific.”

The X series features helical and helical-bevel gear technologies that deliver torques from 58,000 to 175,000Nm. “SEW-Eurodrive prides itself in being able to provide the Australian industry with the country’s most comprehensive selection of industrial gear units,” said Tribe.

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