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SEW-Eurodrive sponsors Leonardo Da Vinci expo in Brisbane

SEW-Eurodrive is sponsoring an exhibition in Brisbane called The Da Vinci Machines: an exhibition of genius’, which brings to life the original drawings from Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks demonstrating motion control and automation.

The exhibition offers a display of over 60 wooden machine models, demonstrating principles of motion transmission, weight-lifting and automation. One exhibit in particular, Da Vinci’s gearbox, gives a fascinating insight into the origins of motion technology.

According to SEW-Eurodrive, the exhibition is interactive and enlightening, and is now showing at the custom-built Da Vinci Pavilion, located in the cultural forecourt at South Bank, Brisbane.

“SEW-Eurodrive is delighted to present this unique opportunity for Australians to explore this world-famous exhibition—a testament to engineering ingenuity and the true genius of Leonardo Da Vinci,” said SEW-Eurodrive managing director, Robert Merola.

“It is always the exceptional achievements of individual thinkers, with ingenious ideas and clever decisions that drive engineering advancements.”

‘The Da Vinci Machines: an exhibition of genius’ is open in Brisbane until 6th September 2009.

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