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Sew-Eurodrive launches revamped website


Sew-Eurodrive has launched a new website for the Australian market. It offers a wide selection of new and expanded content and functions and can be accessed from a range of devices, from PCs and tablets to smartphones. As well as restructuring the site’s content, the company has also revamped its design.

According to the company, the structure of the site ensures accurate responses to all enquiries, provides good orientation and points of reference, takes users to where they need to go reliably, and makes relevant information quick and easy to find and read.

Main features of the new website:

  • Easy to access information
  • Fast navigation, with quick access to contact searches, shopping cart and data and documents
  • A refined search function
  • Improved user experience thanks to icons and several help features throughout the website
  • A step by step product finder that guides users to the right product
  • Smooth integration of customer portal functions into the new website


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