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SEW-EuroDrive gears up for opening of Heavy Industrial Solutions Division

SEW-EuroDrive’s new Heavy Industrial Solutions Division, adjoining their Tullamarine headquarters, is in the final stages of development.

The company began operations in the country in 1982. The new 10,000 square metre Heavy Industrial Solutions Division is being fitted out to produce and service the largest drives in Australasia.

The facility includes cranes capable of handling 50 tonne loads, automated two-pack paint line and a storage capacity in excess of 3,000 pallets.

Managing director, Robert Merola, is optimistic about the new facility. “This $15 million investment will enable us to increase local assembly, holding and servicing of products, allowing customers to become productive much quicker than in previous times.”

The facility will be officially unveiled as part of a special 30th anniversary dinner held on November 1.

SEW-EuroDrive gears up for opening of Heavy Industrial Solutions Division“We are planning to erect a giant marquee at the rear of the building to accommodate 300 guests,” said Merola.

Guests will include state politicians and dignitaries as well as overseas SEW company representatives.

Melbourne company staff, state managers, selected existing customers and potential clients will also attend. This new facility is the key to the company’s future in Australia.

“Despite the changes we’ve seen, our commitment to our customers and the community are just as important as the day we started, and will form the heartbeat of SEW-EuroDrive’s Australian operations for the next 30 years and beyond,” Merola said.

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