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SEW-EURODRIVE extends S12 safety option for MOVIFIT decentralised drive inverters

SEW-EURODRIVE is now offering the integrated S12 safety option for its MOVIFIT
decentralised drive inverters.

Extending its comprehensive range of safety technology to include the integrated
S12 safety option for MOVIFIT FC/MC drive units, used for constructing modular
and flexible conveyor systems, SEW-EURODRIVE now offers its safety technology to
be implemented in most applications from control cabinet technology with
integrated or independent axis monitors to decentralised technology.

The S12 safety option comes in two option card versions, S12A and S12B to
support different numbers of safety-related inputs and outputs. The new S12 option
offers the additional safety functions STO (safe torque off), SS1a/c (safe stop
1), SLS (safely limited speed) and SDI (safe direction) over and above the
standard MOVIFIT functions. The SLS function can be easily applied using the
EI7C/(FS) simple motor integrated encoder. The safety functions are an integral
element of the MOVIFIT modular system.

SEW-EURODRIVE’s MOVITOOLS MotionStudio engineering software is used to
program the S12 safety option. A cost-effective, integrated safety solution, SEW-EURODRIVE’s
S12 safety option can be used independently or as a fieldbus slave with
PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS or PROFINET. The inputs can also be set as 1- or
2-channel, and they can read OSSD (Output Signal Switching Device)-capable
sensors such as light grids and scanners.

The S12 safety option is useful in any application where materials need
moving including on roller conveyors, rotary tables, and electrified monorail
systems for light loads. SEW-EURODRIVE’s S12 safety option is particularly
relevant for the intralogistics sector.

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