Sevaan offers streamlined engineering and fabrication for Defence sector

The Australian Defence sector now has access to an engineering and fabrication facilitator that handles all aspects of design, prototyping manufacture as well as precise inventory control nationwide.

Sevaan Group has taken the jobbing shop concept to a new level by offering profitable economies of scale for fabrication in everything from very small quantities through to the largest orders.

CEO of Sevaan Group, Tony Panrucker, says this is a significant achievement in Australia as fabricators have always been reluctant to consider prototyping or production of tiny quantities because it has been seen to not be worth the money.

"Our biggest advantage to the Defence sector is to be able to supply them with fully engineered and fabricated components exactly when they need them," said Panrucker.

"This is because we’re arguably the first to provide an on-shelf products service which they can call on at any moment.

"This is a new style of competitive advantage because we are able to stock manufactured products for clients to manage inventory for them and in the process free up floor space at their own premises.

"Depots in the Defence sector across Australia will have to stockpile very little – and in some cases absolutely none – of any given product and not worry about availability as it is stocked at our warehouse available for immediate dispatch," explains Panrucker.

This arrangement makes prototyping and reverse engineering far more enterprising to the Defence Department.

Sevaan Group takes all concepts and items which need to be re-engineered or refined into a digital environment to test for engineering accuracy and tolerances even before any physical work is done.

This means Sevaan Group and the Defence industry client have a close and confidential working relationship in order to refine and optimise all products before any real expenditure has been undertaken.

When a concept or design or re-engineered component has been signed off by both parties for a set period of production time, Sevaan Group will make a surplus to the initial order to ensure the item is kept on its shelves, ready in stock, ready for future dispatch.

The quantity of these will be added to each time the Defence depot makes subsequent orders of the item. Sevaan Group have several facilities concentrated in the industrial southwest of Sydney to cater to the demands of the Australian Defence Force industries.

Sevaan Group was formed by a merger between Proline Technology and fabricator Wisby & Leonard. The new company is now capable of high-tech sheet metal plating and higher product fabrication.

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