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MacroView Despatch System at Coogee Chemicals

Kwinana, WA

Coogee Chemicals has installed a new MacroView system to automate its truck loading system in Kwinana, Western Australia. The new system automates the process of loading trucks over their weigh bridge, replacing the previous manual process.

The project was undertaken by Sentient Computing, the developers of MacroView SCADA. Coogee required a system that was cost effective, flexible, easy to deploy and well-supported.

Truck information is automatically downloaded to the MacroView system from Translogix, Coogee Chemicals’ transport system. Once the truck is loaded MacroView updates Translogix automatically with the actual loaded weights providing better product shipping accuracy. A security window with swipe card access enabled secure 24/7 access.

For ease of deployment, Coogee Chemicals chose to use its standard web browser to access the MacroView. Furthermore, Macroview enabled Coogee personnel to undertake further data analysis with data export to Excel.

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