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Sensors for T-slot cylinders

The MZT7 magnetic cylinder sensor enables quick, precise and contactless sensing of the piston’s position in compact pneumatic cylinders. It is easy to mount, can be used in numerous applications and offers an outstanding price-performance ratio.

The MZT7 magnetic cylinder sensor with GMR technology reliably detects the piston position in pneumatic drives. 

The MZT7 can be mounted directly into all cylinders with standard T-slots. SICK also has an extensive range of adapters, which enable the MZT7 to be used with other cylinder types. 

The MZT7 is characterised by its simple mounting principle: Insert the sensor into the slot and rotate the locking screw a quarter turn to fix it securely to the cylinder.

The MZT7 magnetic cylinder sensor never loses its grip: when mounted directly in the T-slot, the universal housing design compensates for the various slot dimensions from the widest range of cylinder manufacturers. 

And for cylinders without a T-slot, such as round, tie-rod and profile cylinders, an extensive range of mounting adapter accessories are available.

Assembly and handling machines, packaging machines and electronics production: 

The MZT7 magnetic cylinder sensor is the ideal solution for a multitude of applications and the widest range of cylinder types. It is so versatile that you only need one sensor variant. 

The advantages not only include savings on warehouse space and costs, but also the time spent on documentation and maintenance. The sensor is also available as RZT7 with reed technology and a supply voltage of up to 230 V – an especially cost-effective solution.

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