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Sensor alerts people when they don’t drink enough water

Ulla uses motion sensors to monitor water consumption

A sensor-based device called Ulla has the ability to monitor water consumption and alert the user when they are not drinking enough.

The device (which users strap around their cup or drink bottle) is made with motion sensors that can track tilt and movement. When a person comes near the device, an LED light inside the device will start flashing, indicating that the person should drink. Once it detects the cup or bottle has been tilted, the flashing light will go off. An algorithm restarts a 30-minute timer each time the device is tilted and if the user does not drink again in that time, the light will start flashing again.

In a comment to Allure Media, the product’s founder Cica Gajic said tests have shown Ulla users drink two to three times more water per day than they did before owning the device. The product was developed in an effort to address the issue that most people do not consume the daily recommended amount of water.

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