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Seminar about National Energy Guarantee set for November

What the National Energy Guarantee means for renewable energy jobs, investment, and business opportunities in South Australia will be a key focus of the first South Australia Smart Energy Summit, held in Adelaide on the 9th of November 2017.

In the wake of the Turnbull Government’s controversial National Energy Guarantee announcement, CEO of the Australian Solar Council and Energy Storage Council, John Grimes says “South Australia is committed to keeping it smart – providing smart, reliable, and sustainable energy for South Australians, by South Australians”.

“South Australia is a Smart Energy leader, and it’s driving Australia into a Smart Energy Future. Large scale renewable energy projects have created thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in investment in our state, and we’re on track to create even more,” said  Grimes.

“South Australian Treasurer and Minister for Energy Tom Koutsantonis will open the Summit, discussing the State Government’s existing and planned investment in South Australian renewables, the effect the National Energy Guarantee will have on South Australian Industry, as well as the State’s commitment to a Smart Energy future.

“Former CEO of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and investment expert, Oliver Yates will provide a detailed analysis of what Turnbull’s new energy plan means for the future of renewables.

“South Australia is a now a global leader when it comes to Smart Energy, with the State Government supporting what will soon be the world’s largest solar power plant. We’re also home to the only solar panel manufacturer in Australia, giving us huge innovation and business edge,” said Grimes.

“South Australia is an integral part of the ongoing energy revolution, and South Australians have embraced this wholeheartedly. Nearly 9000 solar generation units were sold in South Australia last year and the number just keeps rising.

“There are so many exciting developments and business opportunities in renewables being generated across South Australia. Together we’re working to provide reliable, stable, Smart Energy to all South Australians – creating jobs and a sustainable future for our state,” said Grimes.

Minister for Energy Tom Koutsantonis and Solar Council CEO John Grimes will be joined by other key players invested in supporting and protecting South Australia’s Smart Energy Future, including Zen Energy founder, Richard Turner, and Senior Vice President of Development at Solar Reserve, Tom Georgis.


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