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Semiconductor technology earns Oz firm UK deal

Australian high-tech company Silex Systems has announced that the UK-based manufacturer IQE has purchased its semiconductor technology, worth US$5 million (A$6.4 million).

The purchase was announced at the conclusion of a 30-month exclusive license agreement signed in September 2015 between SILEX subsidiary Tranlucent and IQE, a global leader in design and manufacture of advanced semiconductor wafer products.

According to a company statement, Translucent’s semiconductor material, known as Crystalline Rare Earth Oxides (cREO), has potential applications in the manufacturing of next-generation devices in the semiconductor, digital communications and power electronics industries.

IQE will pay Translucent the amount within the next six months, in addition to royalties on sale of products utilising cREO technology. IQE has a roadmap to commercialise the technology within a 2 to 3-year time frame.

“We are extremely pleased that IQE has elected to proceed with the acquisition of the Translucent technology,” said Silex CEO Dr Michael Goldsworthy. “IQE is the world’s leading epi-wafer supplier and is well positioned to introduce this unique high-performance semiconductor materials technology to the market.”

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The cREO technology was successfully transferred in late 2015 to IQE’s Greensboro, North Carolina manufacturing facility for the completion of product development and commercialisation activities during the 30-month licence period.

During this time, IQE have been developing cREO for potential application in several next generation devices in the semiconductor, digital communication’s and power electronics industries.

During the licence period, IQE successfully produced prototype templates on silicon wafers using two of Tranlucent’s production reactors, for trialling and qualification within the IQE Group and select commercial partners.

Silex is a research and development company whose primary asset is the Silex laser uranium enrichment technology, which was licensed exclusively to GE-Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment LLC in 2006.

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