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Semaphore finds new distributors

Semaphore’s T-BOX products find two new international distributors in Proceam and Cross Automation.

Proceam is Semaphore’s authorised distributor for customers in Spain. Based in Madrid, Proceam provides a broad range of industrial, wireless products and systems for process and manufacturing operations. In addition to Semaphore’ SCADA and IP telemetry products, Proceam is a provider of controllers, SCADA systems, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, wireless Ethernet connectivity and wireless telemetry. Proceam’s expertise in telemetry technology is a key to sales and support of Semaphore’s SCADA and IP telemetry products.

Cross Automation is Semaphore’s authorised distributor for customers in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia in the United States. Based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, Cross Automation is a complete provider of automation solutions, supplying premier industrial automation products and in-depth technical support for plant and machine automation applications. Their specialty is providing quality products and solutions for fluid power, motion control, factory automation, measurement and fluid handling applications.

Semaphore was the result of a merger of two CSE Global companies, RTUnet, of Australia, and TechnoTrade SA, of Belgium. For more information, (03) 8544 8544,

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