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Self-priming wastewater pump

Gorman-Rupp’s T3A71S-B is a “hardened fitted” self-priming, solids handling trash pump which is used for abrasive applications. This means that the impeller, seal plate and wear plate are fabricated from hardened iron or steel, to a hardness of approximately 400 on the Brinell scale. For extremely abrasive applications, the casing can also be supplied in hardened iron and the impeller can be supplied in high chrome (with a Brinell hardness of approximately 650).

The pump is suitable for use as an industrial wastewater pump where abrasive particles are present in the wastewater. Therefore, they are heavily used as grit pumps at sewage treatment plants by Councils and Water Authorities around Australia. This pump’s NPSHr characteristics and re-priming capability make it a desirable choice for continuous unattended automatic operation.

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