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Self-lubricating plastic bearing for continuous high rotational speeds

The new iglide L500 self-lubricating plastic bearings are suitable for applications such as fans and electric motors.

The L500 material combines extraordinary wear resistance in long-running, high-speed applications. Continuous rotational speeds of more than 5 m/s are possible, and the L500 material performs even under extreme environmental conditions, such as temperatures ranging from -100 º C to +250º C, as well as media contact. 

The L500 material is characterised by its low moisture absorption and thermal expansion.
For applications with high speeds and low loads, sintered bearings are often used, in electric motors, for instance.

Due to their structure, sintered bearings are more vulnerable to shocks and edge loads than solid bearings.

Additionally, a sintered bearing’s oil impregnation limits the operating temperature range, and is unsuitable for operation without external lubrication. 

In comparison tests between sintered bearings and bearings made of the iglide L500 material, the wear rates of sintered bearings were higher in all tested speeds, in some cases by more than five-fold. 

These material properties of the iglide L500 allow the self-lubricating operation of electric motors, fans, and ventilators, where sintered bearings were previously used. 


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