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Seeley International unveils its ultra-smart MagIQtouch controller for evaporative coolers

Seeley International announces the release of its ultra-smart MagIQtouch
controller for its Breezair range of award-winning evaporative air

Seeley International founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley AM
said the new touch-screen technology had been developed and built in Australia,
and was similar in size to a conventional smartphone.

According to Mr Seeley, the new MagIQtouch controller represents the
company’s focus on customer experience with its revolutionary technology
offering a superior level of user-friendliness during operation; additionally,
its sleek appearance perfectly blends with modern Australian home decor.

The new MagIQtouch controller combines smart, sophisticated and
intuitive attributes with ‘built-in IQ’; designed to simplify life around the
home, the controller features energy-saving capabilities including a built-in,
programmable seven-day clock, with up to four separate programmable time
periods per day to set the desired level of comfort.

The user can also choose to operate the air conditioner with a simple
display mode where advanced functionality is hidden, or opt to have all of the
new advanced functionality at their fingertips.

The ‘night-quiet’ mode in the controller is another energy-saving
feature, which automatically reduces the fan speed to create whisper-quiet
nights, while also lowering energy usage and costs. When combined with Seeley
International’s market-leading evaporative air conditioners, the MagIQtouch controller
instantly turns the home into a haven of coolness even during the hottest

The MagIQtouch controller also ensures trouble-free installation as it takes
installers through the process, eliminating any possibility of missing critical
steps. The controller additionally displays a full description of any fault,
rather than just producing a fault code. The troubleshooting guide can now be
accessed by tapping the ‘information’ button beside the fault description.

The MagIQtouch will be introduced to Seeley’s ducted gas heating and
integrated cooling products, which would allow any combination of these
products to be operated with just one smart touch-screen controller.

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