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Security & defence industry a rising star

A spokesperson for an unnamed company approached us at the sixth annual PACE Zenith Awards in July this year, and suggested that the awards would do well to cover the control and automation exploits of a rising industry in Australia and New Zealand — security and defence.

So we conducted some research. And guess what? A large portion of the companies supplying to the Australian Department of Defence (ADD) were providing solutions to the same strict safety, environmental, motion control, and security standards on which our industry prides itself.

This got us to thinking. What if we developed a new, tenth Zenith Awards category which could raise awareness of the companies protecting our national security? And while we’re at it, why don’t we celebrate the firms that are busy developing ultra-advanced safety systems for the control of said defence departments. But that’s not all — there is also a growing number of companies out there designing sensitive motion control software for defence aviation requirements. And now you should get our drift.

The security and defence industry in Australia is growing at a rapid rate. This isn’t only the work of growing terrorist risks, but also the pressing need to protect our gross national product — which includes our defence information systems, our patented engineering advancements, and even our Government’s sensitive legislative processes.

Chances are, there are various process control and automation companies already supplying specialist equipment and services to answer these security and defence needs. And if there isn’t — well, what are they waiting for? In an economy that’s so turbulent as Australian in 2009, the firms that look outside of the box will be the ones that will stay buoyant.

The seventh annual Zenith Awards 2010 will herald the launch of a new category: ‘Security & Defence’. This category will be open to any vendor or integrator that has helped secure or defend the businesses of Australia through process engineering, automation, motion control, emergency shut-down systems, defence infrastructure, and more. Visit the PACE website for a more lengthy outline. Nominations for the Zenith Awards 2010 will open on 1st Novembet 2009.

Australia is counting on you!

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