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Secure solution to mainframe data protection

Oracle has released the StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 7 System, a secure and scalable solution for data protection of mainframe and heterogeneous systems. The software also provides fully automated native tiering straight to a public cloud.

The VSM 7 System integrates with the Oracle Storage Cloud Service, offering storage administrators with an in-built cloud strategy. It enables cloud storage to be as accessible as storage on premises.

The system has full data interchange across previous generation VSM systems, has a higher scalability to the previous 256 VSM 7 System, provides data deduplication and enables users to access additional capacity on demand. It offers enhanced security of data through its use of Silicon Secured Memory and by delivering wide-key encryption for removable tape media and data at rest without compromising performance.

Oracle’s new system has a single point of contact for all storage requirements and policies to automatically copy or reduce files from external disk storage to cheaper, external cloud storage systems can be used. As mainframes are no longer necessary at remote sites, the system also delivers a “lights out” disaster recovery strategy which minimises costs and simplifies deployments. As electronic data sharing is enabled across separate complexes to the Oracle Public Cloud, the system provides a variety of recovery options.

Senior Vice President of Product Development, Oracle, James Cates said that data protection solutions were previously designed to deal with the growth on data on premises, but the VSM 7 had a different design focus.

“The core is still there – elevated performance, twice the capacity, a higher degree of scalability, but we saw a gap in the market, so we developed Engineered Cloud Tiering to enable mainframe users to take advantage of cloud economics,” he said.

Mark Peters, Practice Director and senior analyst, ESG, said, “With its VSM 7, Oracle is bringing mainframe-calibre data protection to heterogeneous systems users, and its native tiering to the Oracle Public Cloud’s storage and archive services will no doubt extend the market potential.”

“Furthermore, the enterprise-calibre Oracle Public Cloud adds a compelling and affordable storage alternative for mainframe customers.”

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