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Secure, scalable, SDN-based network infrastructure for Industrial IoT

IoTium, a secure network infrastructure company for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced the general availability of its Network as a Service (NaaS) offering, designed to securely connect legacy onsite systems in mission-critical environments to accelerate the deployment of Industry 4.0 at scale.

Target environments applications include building and industrial automation, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation and smart cities.

IoTium’s solution is designed to enable these environments to easily connect their legacy control and automation systems to greenfield applications in public, private and hybrid clouds or datacenters.

The company’s perspective is that the creation of secure, scalable IIoT connections is a critical business challenge that industrial organisations cannot overcome on their own. The issue is how to truly digitise “brownfield” or legacy onsite industrial environments that were not designed to be connected to the cloud. IoTium believes they must be digitised in a way that can scale to large and diverse industrial needs while also protecting the sensitive information transmitted. Security and scalability are paramount.

Until now, deployment complexity and security concerns have caused a widespread lag in the adoption of IIoT. Traditional Information Technology (IT) methodologies involving command line interfaces (CLIs), usernames and passwords; changes to enterprise proxy and firewall policies; are not conducive to deployment at scale in the realm of the Operations Technology (OT) professionals tasked with the care and maintenance of traditionally closed industrial systems. Industrial IoT requires connecting air gapped, unconnected, mission critical control and automation systems to applications that reside in public, private and hybrid cloud.

The company’s network-as-a-service is designed to solve the fundamental industrial connectivity problem of “brownfield” environments embracing software defined networking for the promise of the IIoT, and thus help industrial organizations to achieve secure remote connectivity at scale, through:

  • Zero-Touch secure connectivity
  • Built-in security using encryption and abstraction to secure both the assets and data, in motion and at rest, isolating every single data stream
  • Discovery: IoTium provides complete visibility to all devices connected to a company’s IIoT network, enabling organizations to ensure that everything on the network is authorised
  • One-click deployment of Edge Applications: IoTium’s solution deploys analytics at the edge of network, accelerating the adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Services at scale. IoTium’s architecture supports the software change management process through multiple levels of authentication at scale.


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