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Secure active radio repeater for safe radio control

Control Logic introduces the Jump radio repeater designed for use with
JAY Electronique’s safe radio control solutions implementing unidirectional
radio transmissions.

Jump radio repeaters are used for applications in difficult environments where
obstacles, troughs, and bumps interrupt radio transmissions or in situations
where radio performance must be extended to cover a greater distance or area.

Paired with a device by a learning procedure, the repeater waits for
correct radio frames generated by a radio transmitter, stores them for 100ms, and
re-transmits the correctly received frames. In the event any incorrect frame is
received, or the ID code sent has not been programmed into the repeater, radio
transmission does not take place.

The Jump radio repeater is designed for use with JAY Electronique industrial
radio remote controls UD, UC, UR and RS Series. The Jump radio repeater will achieve
the following safety levels for each radio transmitter/receiver pair: SIL 3 per
EN 61508 or PL e per EN 13849-1 when used with Jay RS Series or SIL 2 per EN
61508 or PL d per EN 13849-1 when used with UD, UC or UR Series.

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