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PACE magazine’s Zenith Awards program has come in leaps and bounds since it first appeared on our work calendars back in 2004. Not only has the former breakfast event migrated to a dinner/awards ceremony, but since its inception the competition has also grown year-on-year, making 2009 the largest event ever.

The Zenith Awards was designed to publicly-recognise acompanies that show leadership in engineering in nine industries, including companies that design innovations from which the rest of the industry can benefit.

Some may argue that the process and control engineering sector doesn’t move very fast. Projects are large and the companies implementing them must often fork-out truckloads of cash to upgrade even the smallest spare part or widget. When we start talking about industrial-grade or mission critical components or software systems, the sky is the limit. Add to this the global financial crisis and some might be wondering how the industry could survive at all – especially since many of the processes we use today are still based on the tried and tested frameworks of our forbearers.

But process control and automation suppliers essentially sit behind the scenes and support the public endeavours of larger manufacturers, water treatment plants and power generation stations that attract media attention. Ask any business involved in the sector and its decision-makers will tell you that it is the top-secret processes and machinery which make the end product special – not its brand or the number of Formula 1 races it sponsors.

PACE magazine would like to congratulate you – our readers – on your fine efforts in the sector this year. The projects entered into this year’s awards program have truly made a mark on the scene. To reflect this, we have upgraded the number of awards categories to nine, with more companies than ever showing interest, which is a testament to the hard-working nature of our industry. We would also like to thank our sponsors, without which the Zenith Awards could not exist. Please think of their efforts when perusing the following pages displaying the best the industry has to offer – our PACE Zenith Awards Finalists for 2009, with the Project of the Year Award to be selected from among these nine categories.

Good luck!

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