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Scientex releases new large surface analyser from Kruss for large samples

Scientex has launched a new large surface analyser (LSA) developed by
its surface science expert partner Kruss.

The new LSA is a fully automated wetting analyser for large samples,
producing a fast, contactless, easy-to-program measurement sequence for quality
assurance applications. Available in various sizes, the large surface analyser
can measure samples up to 9m².

When used in combination with the mobile surface analyser (MSA), Kruss’
LSA positioning robot system performs fast, fully automated contact angle and
surface free energy (SFE) calculation at freely defined positions on large

With its ability to take measurements in less than one second, the MSA is
the fastest mobile instrument on the market for determining surface free energy
with two test liquids. A sophisticated non-contact pressure dosing system is
used to place two drops on the sample followed by an automatic image analysis
of each drop for contact angle and SFE calculation.

Well suited to quality assurance applications, the robot-assisted,
surface analysis system is recommended for pre-treatment and coating of large
components; cleaning and coating of glass surfaces; and wetting analyses on
printing plates.

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