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Schneider power, automation gear for use in Hong Kong solar ferries

Automation and power technology designed by Schneider Electric will be incorporated into new 4-hybrid solar electric ferries for the Hong Kong Marine Department.

The deal between Schneider Electric and Hong Kong ferry developer, Solar Sailor, will see the solutions provider provide 190/25kW Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) systems, incorporating Schneider Electric’s automation and power technology, for the solar ferries.

Solar Sailor chief executive officer, Robert Dane said that the Solar Sailor 190/25kW HMP system has been approved by both the New South Wales Waterways and the Hong Kong Marine Department, with the first vessel being launched on 11th November 2009.

“We have been using Schneider Electric’s CitectSCADA software for eight years and integrated a single supplier solution four years ago by expanding to Schneider Electric hardware for the control systems,” said Dane.

“This further collaboration between Solar Sailor and Schneider Electric means our customer will get the highest quality products available and 100 per cent local support in Hong Kong.

“I believe the Solar Sailor 190/25kW HMP has applications for urban ferries, tourism vessels and private yachts in many other areas. Overall we are finding the global market is growing for green fuel efficient vessels, especially ones that can switch to zero emissions mode when required in urban harbours or when holding at the wharf.”

Schneider Electric — Pacific Zone managing director, Lionel Finidori, said the partnership will be advantageous to both parties.

“We are very pleased to partner again with Solar Sailor on this new project. Innovative applications such as solar electric ferries are exactly what our mission is about, to help people make the most of their energy,” he said.

“This is the kind of solution and technology that can help us reduce both environmental impact and energy costs at the same time.”

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