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Schneider moves up in sustainability rankings

Schneider Electric has moved up to 10th place in the 2016 Global Most Sustainable Corporations from 25th place in 2015.

According to the company, its big leap in the rankings can be attributed to the wise use of natural resources in its global operations, as well as its commitment to the following:

  • Measuring the carbon impact of all major client projects.
  • Designing all new offerings using the Schneider ecoDesign Way and achieving the company’s Green Premium standard in 75 per cent of its business.
  • Avoiding 120,000 tons of CO2 by introducing “end of life” products in line with circular economy principles.
  • Helping 50 million people at the base of the economic pyramid to access lighting and communications over the next 10 years through low-carbon solutions.

These are the company’s immediate sustainability commitments, as declared at the time of the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) last year.

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