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Schneider Electric to acquire Adelaide-based scientific software provider

Schneider Electric has signed an agreement to acquire SolveIT Software, an Adelaide-headquartered scientific software provider specialising in supply and demand chain optimisation and predictive modelling.

SolveIT’s applications have enabled organisations such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Xstrata optimise production and demand chain activities.

SolveIT’s advanced demand planning and forecasting tools help industrial operations to manage their end to end demand chain and execute optimised plans taking into account existing and future constraints such as impact of workforce variability and market conditions.

SolveIT tools also help optimise production, storage, logistics and distribution activities by running predictive analysis and ‘what if’ simulations.

The acquisition complements Schneider Electric’s solutions offering in the operations management space by providing the forecasting, optimisation and modelling capability on top of Schneider Electric’s production analytics tools in the mining, minerals, metals and general manufacturing sectors.

Together, this combined capability aims to become differentiator in the market and provides a capability that major industrial players are currently demanding.

The combined platform will enable customers to deliver more from their existing assets and thereby maximise profitability per unit output.

With SolveIT, Schneider Electric says it will be able to offer customers more visibility in the complex and fast moving industries. 

SolveIT’s applications are based on proprietary platforms for advanced optimisation, prediction, and what-if analysis, and can optimise production and supply chain activities on both a local (plant) and global (network) level.

SolveIT’s mining software applications cover exploration management, mine planning and scheduling, and mine-to-port logistics optimisation.

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