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Schneider Electric switches on the electrification of Myanmar

Schneider Electric and Golden Key Company (GKC), a Myanmar agribusiness firm, have co-developed a project bringing access to electricity to rural populations in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady region.

According to the World Bank, 70 per cent of the population in Myanmar has no reliable supply of electricity. 

This constitutes a major obstacle to their development and economic growth. With GKC, Schneider Electric has undertaken to provide villagers in Targone, Yoe Gyi and Khalout Thaike in the Ayeyarwady area, access to reliable and affordable electricity. 

It allows solar-powered smart electrical micro grids to be installed in all three villages. These innovative off-grid solutions keep 800 households supplied with electricity in a short period of time after the decision to invest. Each household is equipped with two LED lights, a mobile charging dock or a radio.

Schneider Electric is contributing to the project by supplying equipment, providing technical expertise on several levels and developing local competencies: defining requirements, developing tailored energy solutions, training installers and local entrepreneur. 

Through its energy division Nay Yaung Ain, GKC is providing 20 employees responsible for installing the scheme, advising villagers on household electrification and maintaining the systems. 

In the medium term, they must also support the development of local entrepreneurs to sell battery charging stations and individual solar lighting kit. Schneider Electric is now developing solar water pumping and rice mill solution to extend the benefit of lighting during the night to farming support during the daytime.

By implementing off-grid electrification solutions, the partnership between Schneider Electric and Golden Key aims to put reliable, affordable and green energy within reach of a great many households in Myanmar over the next few years.

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