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Schneider Electric selects 10 future ‘green’ leaders

Schneider Electric has completed the final stage of its Australian Schneider Electric Graduate Program recruitment and selected 10 high calibre engineering graduates to enter into its intensive two year training program.

Schneider Electric developed the Graduate Program to attract talented technology-ready graduates who have the skills and potential that will enable Schneider Electric to continue to provide innovative and market leading energy management technology and services.

With operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers energy-efficient integrated solutions across all market segments and is a leader in the local electrical distribution, automation and data centre management markets.

More than 200 electrical, mechanical and electrical/computer science engineering students applied for the program. Candidates engaged in an extensive application process, including a written application, phone interview and psychological assessment.

“We are looking for tomorrow’s future leaders,” said Lionel Finidori, Managing Director of Schneider Electric, Asia Pacific Zone. “Graduates are on the cutting edge of the technology and we want to harness their skills and passion to create solutions for a more energy efficient future.”

In early August, a shortlist of 28 engineering graduates attended Schneider Electric Graduate Assessment Centres in Sydney and Melbourne. The assessment days were designed to highlight each candidate’s leadership potential and ability to react in different situations. Internal commitment to the program was just as strong, with candidates being assessed by a combination of engineers, human resources, senior business leaders and a psychologist.

In line with Schneider Electric’s corporate commitment to environmental sustainability, energy management was a focus during the assessment and candidates were also required to develop energy efficient solutions to hypothetical problems.

Candidates were presented with two energy efficiency business problems and asked to present their solution and rationale to a panel of assessors. The focus was to assess their passion for energy efficiency as well as problem solving and analysis capabilities.

The 10 engineering graduates that were selected will engage in a two-year structured program that will enable them to develop competencies in technical, energy and end user solutions, sales, project execution and leadership. They will be assigned mentors throughout the program and, on completion, will be offered the opportunity to work with Schneider Electric locally with the best employees offered short term assignments overseas.

“The candidates we observed at the recent assessment centres displayed exceptional talent and we are excited by the prospect of working with them,” said Finidori. “It is important that we invest in and grow today’s young talent so that we build our future skills and grow a strong workforce for Australia.”

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