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Schneider Electric releases new circuit breakers

The new circuit breakers offer the most reliable protection with a design based on the roto-active breaking technology.

The Compact NSXm circuit breaker is suited for low-voltage switchboards and panel boards, machinery, and control panels. It is a 3-pole or 4-pole unit with thermal (overload) and instantaneous (short circuit) sensing elements in each pole.

Designed to be flexible, it offers built-in DIN rail and plate mount capability, while field-installable options such as rotary handles let customers easily configure the product to their specific needs.

A variety of pre-wired auxiliaries are also available for maximum customisation.

Compact NSXm circuit breakers also feature EverLink creep-compensating technology. This patented technology ensures a lasting connection by mitigating the loosening effects of heat cycling or vibration.

In addition, it shortens assembly and cabling time, and eliminates the need for compression lugs. EverLink technology is ready for use with all cable types, including flexible cables.

The Compact NSXm circuit breaker is available from 16A to 160A, with five levels of breaking capacity: 16, 25, 36, 50, and 70kA at 415 volts.


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