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Schneider Electric partners with cyber-security company Nozomi Networks

Schneider Electric has signed a global partnership agreement with Nozomi Networks to collaborate on providing the industrial manufacturing and critical infrastructure segments sectors with advanced anomaly detection, vulnerability assessment and other cybersecurity solutions and services.

According to Schneider Electric, the partnership will enable the company to respond effectively to the demand for effective, operational technology cybersecurity services, solutions and expertise in oil and gas, power, building automation and other industrial sectors.

Schneider Electric will offer Nozomi Networks’ solutions for industrial control system cyber resiliency and real-time operational visibility to its customers worldwide. Schneider Electric will combine its EcoStruxure IIoT process automation and industrial control solutions with Nozomi’s SCADAguardian platform for real-time operations visibility.

“Years of multi-industry experience discerning the complexities of industrial control system networks, continuous innovation and expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning have made Nozomi Networks SCADAguardian the most comprehensive, scalable and mature product in its category,” said Edgard Capdevielle, chief executive officer of Nozomi Networks.

“Our partnership with Schneider Electric accelerates our joint efforts to further protect global infrastructure while helping to improve the safety, efficiency, reliability and profitability of the world’s most critical operations.”

Nathalie Marcotte, Schneider Electric’s senior vice president of industry services and cybersecurity, said that the changing technological environment means that companies are more and more needing to expand connectivity across their operations, so they can extract, contextualise and apply new levels of data.

“However, extending connectivity also extends the attack surface for would-be cyber criminals. Therefore, cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought. There’s too much at stake, financially and operationally,” Marcotte said.

“By adding Nozomi Networks to our family of partners, we strengthen our ability to help customers understand and eliminate risks and threats to their operations and assets, while reducing potential impact on their business success.”

Marcotte said that the partnership would strengthen Schneider Electric’s “defense-in-depth” approach to cyber-security, which features a multi-layered, multi-technology strategy to safeguard critical systems.

“The digital enterprise requires a holistic security approach that not only provides safeguards, but continually assesses, manages and monitors business and operating systems, which Nozomi Networks’ solutions do seamlessly.” Marcotte said.

“Addressing cybersecurity head on can’t be limited to a single company, segment or region. That is why we are committed to being open, transparent and collaborative when it comes to helping global industry prevent and respond to cyberattacks.

“As this partnership shows, we will continue to collaborate with industry leaders who have the technology, expertise and unique skills required to secure and protect our customers’ people, production and profits.”

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