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Schneider Electric launches electrical distribution SCADA solution

Schneider Electric has launched its PowerLogic SCADA software, which is a monitoring and control solution for electrical distribution networks. Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic SCADA is aimed at reducing outages and increasing power efficiency.

“Powerlogic SCADA will enable us to link together our smart devices like circuit breakers, meters and protection relays, to provide customers with a complete solution across a common platform. This will not only reduce engineering time but also increase productivity, streamline operations and ultimately, create cost savings for our customers,” said Wendy Minne, executive general manager, Power Business, Schneider Electric.

PowerLogic SCADA boasts accurate, 1s response time and sequence of events recording with 1 ms resolution for over 2000 devices and 200k tags.

Sold complete and ready to go, with all features, protocols and drivers included, PowerLogic SCADA is suitable for various power critical applications including data centres, airports, water treatment plants, O&G and mining sites.

PowerLogic SCADA’s real-time control and monitoring of electrical distribution equipment means system faults can be identified immediately. This data can be re-analysed to isolate and identify faults, thereby reducing downtime.

“The PowerLogic SCADA system has been built to handle requirements from our smallest to largest customer and is scalable to be upgraded as our customer’s businesses change or grow,” Minne added.

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