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Schneider Electric introduces the Modicon M221 compact controller for machine automation

The new Modicon M221 compact controller is part of MachineStruxure, the machine
automation solution from Schneider Electric that provides flexible and scalable

One of the fastest in its class (200 ns by instruction), Modicon M221
compact controller is designed for machines with hardwired architectures and available
in a standard format featuring 24 I/O terminals as well as in an extremely
compact book format with 16 I/O terminals.

Modicon M221 controllers combine benchmark performance, openness and
modularity, and feature an integrated pulse/direction interface for connecting
servo drives as standard.

Modicon M221 compact controller features an embedded SD card, USB port,
two analogue inputs, run/stop switch, cartridge extension, broad I/O choice,
Ethernet and serial line ports.

The flexible and scalable design of the controller allows specific
function and standard modules to be added in one configuration. Specific
function modules include TeSys SoLink motor starter, application cartridges and
an extensive line of analogue and digital modules.

Modicon M221 can be programmed by simply connecting to a PC. The program
data is saved on SD cards.

The integrated Ethernet allows open communication, enabling the controller
to be accessed via a smartphone or tablet.

SoMachine Basic, a free intuitive tool can manage complete programming,
visualisation and commissioning for the user. An inbuilt user guide eliminates
the need for training. Programs created with SoMachine Basic are IEC 61131-3
compliant and can be upgraded to the full version of SoMachine.

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