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Schneider Electric introduces Harmony eXLhoist, the easy and reliable wireless remote control for hoisting applications

Global energy management specialist Schneider Electric has launched a
new wireless remote control designed for intuitive one-handed and safe operation
of cranes.

The new Harmony eXLhoist wireless remote control combines an ergonomic
design, a long battery life, and a SIL3 wireless emergency stop to simplify remote
control of cranes, while also helping to protect both operator and machine.

Intuitive operation

The Harmony eXLhoist wireless remote control has been ergonomically
designed to maximise comfort during use. The control buttons are smartly
positioned to enable simple one-handed control of the station, allowing the
operator to execute a complex series of manoeuvres with just one thumb and give
their full attention to the hoisted load.

Embedded features for increased

A wireless SIL3-certified emergency stop is placed at the base of the
station grip within easy reach of the operator. The design also integrates SIL1
protection against unintended use of the emergency stop button and is aligned
with new functional safety standards for wireless remote control.

Unmatched battery efficiency

The Harmony eXLhoist has an estimated battery recharge time of just 15
minutes, against the average three hours required for similar devices. The
minimal recharge time combined with long battery runtime of up to 30 hours on a
single charge delivers an unmatched level of application availability for the
wireless remote control. The long battery life of up to five years achieves
nearly double the lifespan of similar available devices.

Global availability

Harmony eXLhoist is the first wireless remote control for hoisting
applications available globally from a general automation supplier. Operating
on the international 2.4GHz frequency, the wireless control delivers global
compatibility and universal protection against interference, enabling
simultaneous operation of up to 50 wireless devices.

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