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Schneider Electric appoints OPCTI as OPC training partner

Schneider Electric’s head office has chosen the OPC Training Institute (OPCTI) as its OPC training provider, following the completion of on-site OPC workshop training sessions for technical support employees.

The OPCTI is a global OPC training company with workshops in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. It is non vendor-biased and does not sell its own products.

OPCTI is the only company endorsed by OPC Foundation member companies to award the Certified OPC Professional (COP) designation.

OPCTI’s workshops provide automation and IT professionals with training designed to enable them to quickly take on the challenging task of establishing a robust communication infrastructure, according to OPCTI.

“The Certified OPC Professional (COP) training has helped improve our OPC troubleshooting skills,” said Schneider Electric global support manager for Citect products, Karun Sukhwani.

“OPC Technical Support issues that would typically frustrate our end-users are now resolved quickly and efficiently. This raises our level of service and customer satisfaction, while achieving significant reductions in our support costs.”

According to OPCTI president, Randy Kondor, Schneider Electric’s Citect COP accreditation training translates into bottom line efficiencies.

“Proficiency through practice, and familiarity with OPC standards, empowers the team to consistently implement successful projects,” he said.

The OPC Training Institute offers two styles of training. The public training provides end-users, integrators, and vendors with the knowledge they require to design and deploy projects that use OPC technology. OPCTI’s private workshops cater to the unique training requirements of specific corporations.

OPC technology is an industrial connectivity standard among automation professionals with over 15,000 available OPC applications supported by over 3,000 companies.

OPC is a global industrial connectivity standard that enables process control and manufacturing applications to communicate with each other. OPC enables manufacturing environments to host a multitude of applications created by a variety of vendors.

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