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Schneider Electric announces the SCADAPack 50 remote data logger

Schneider Electric announces the launch of the SCADAPack 50, the new
wireless, remote data logger using GSM network to send data via SMS.

The latest innovation for monitoring applications when power and network
access is either unavailable or prohibitively challenging, the new SCADAPack 50
data logger is compact and self-powered, and monitors and logs analogue,
discrete, and Modbus process inputs.

SCADAPack 50 remote data loggers have a wide application range,
especially in various fresh water distribution systems for monitoring and
metering; pressure and flow monitoring in gas distribution networks; and power
systems monitoring requirements.

Key benefits of SCADAPack 50 remote wireless data loggers include easy
interfacing to SCADA host via any 3G GSM modem compatible with Hayes commands; maintenance-free
with up to five-year autonomy once the SIM card is activated and configured; no
intervention required during the device’s entire battery life; robust
IP68-rated enclosure; quick installation enabling cost-effective deployment;
process data monitored and stored locally in the device and transmitted to the
host according to user-configurable requirements; and simple configuration done
locally through the infrared data port or remotely.

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