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Schneider Electric and Solar360 join forces

Solar360 has signed a distribution agreement with Schneider Electric.

Solar360 is a solar product aggregator, wholesaler and project developer.

Solar360 will use Schneider Electric’s products to develop energy storage systems that enable residential and commercial users to generate energy from solar panels, store in batteries to later utilise the energy banked, after the sun goes down.

Solar360 will also distribute Schneider Electrics full range of Conext grid connected inverters.

Michael Anthony, CEO of Solar360 said, “The products we can bring to the Australian market via our customer network will further develop the solar industry in Australia and deliver affordable solutions in the specialist field of solar storage systems.

"It is also important to note the leading qualities of Schneider Electric’s Conext grid connect inverter range which is set to shake established industry leaders and provide confidence to energy companies who already deal with Schneider Electric in many product areas.”

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