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Schneider Electric and OSIsoft team up to provide an energy management solution

OSIsoft have entered into a strategic technology agreement to provide a comprehensive energy management solution.

OSIsoft is a provider of the PI System and offers infrastructure technology for the management of real-time data and events,.

The joint solution combines Schneider Electric's energy management expertise with the streaming data and event management capabilities of OSIsoft's PI System.

Schneider Electric will offer the solution, which provides a way to collect, store and aggregate large volumes of a data with high speed access for analytics via the StruxureWare software suite, to building owners and managers, architects, and IT Managers.

"The integration of the PI System capabilities into Schneider Electric's StruxureWare software suite will produce a number of specific technology solutions addressing markets such as mining and minerals processing, waste and waste water and food and beverage, and green buildings,” said Pascal Brosset.

“We will be leveraging OSIsoft’s tools across many of our software applications as we deliver customized energy management solutions for our customers around the globe."

The OSIsoft PI System infrastructure is used in many industries providing secure access to operational and manufacturing data.

The data is leveraged by enterprises to drive operational excellence, provide situational awareness and tackle global enterprise mandates such as energy management and more globally, sustainability.

Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure energy management architecture portfolio offers a single point of access that connects five domains of business expertise – power, data centers, process and machines, building control, and physical security – all within an open technology framework.

The EcoStruxure architecture is focused on managing all energy-consuming building assets, such as HVAC, lighting, security and reducing energy waste generated from Information Technology assets, including PCs, and other IT devices.

StruxureWare is the software backbone that connects Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure energy management architecture portfolio.

From a single point of access, it provides monitoring, automation, planning and reporting on critical facility management systems.

OSIsoft's PI System will be an important component of monitoring and managing energy consuming assets and empowering data-driven decisions through the StruxureWare Software suite.

As part of the overall relationship with Schneider Electric, OSIsoft has a technical partnership with Telvent, a Schneider Electric Company.

Telvent embeds OSIsoft's products within their solution using a value added approach as part of a comprehensive globally offering.

This is an extension of Telvent's ongoing strategy focused on Smart Grid solutions that enhance product offerings in mission critical applications and infrastructure.

Telvent’s offerings provide solutions for the repository of data and real-time transfer for decision support across a range of industries as well, including oil and gas, power, energy, transportation, transport, and environment.

"Rising energy costs and increased environmental concerns have made energy efficiency an imperative for every business. Effective energy management requires a high fidelity view of where and how energy and other resources are consumed; the PI System provides this view," says Martin Otterson, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and industry at OSIsoft.

"Whether you run a traditional or high tech factory, manage local or distributed facilities, operate a data center or other energy intensive businesses, this collaboration will deliver a comprehensive energy management solution that combines the strengths of both companies to address the global challenge of energy management and sustainability."

OSIsoft has more than thirty years of experience and has a proven track record and capability to collect, analyse and present large sets of high resolution time series and historical data.

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