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Schneider behind Gore-supported initiative

Schneider Electric is a foundation member of the FEX-SIM initiative, which was recently launched in Sydney by Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States.

Mr. Gore praised the enterprise and said, “If we give business the right initiative, business will respond.”

FEX-SIM, Financial and Energy Exchange Sustainability and Cleantech Investment Market, is aimed at concentrating investment in sustainability and cleantech stocks, as well as in carbon and environmental commodities.

Lionel Finidori, Schneider Electric’s Managing Director of the Pacific Zone, identified strategic challenges facing the business, “In the coming 30 years, the consumption of electricity will double. At the same time, we have to reduce carbon emissions by 50% if we want this growth to be carbon, or emission neutral.”

“Our solutions to save energy can help companies to reduce their carbon emissions and improve their environmental impact. That’s where it makes very good business sense. Sustainable development is good for Schneider Electric, and Schneider Electric is good for sustainable development.”

FEX SIM is one arm of the broader enterprise FEX, the Financial and Energy Exchange Ltd. Founded by derivatives trader Brian Price, FEX aims to establish the world’s first stock market dedicated to sustainability and Cleantech stocks.

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