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Schmersal RSS260 safety sensors with RFID technology

Control Logic presents the new Schmersal RSS260 safety sensor designed
to combine RFID technology and a high switching distance in a compact and
tamperproof design.

The various actuators allow optimal integration of the safety sensors in
the surrounding architecture of removable, hinged and sliding covers and doors.
All variants offer a high level of tamper resistance as the RFID-based sensor
technology permits individual actuator coding.

The safety sensor in its basic version accepts any suitable RSS260
family target. A second version for increased tamper resistance only responds
to an individually assigned target; however, the teaching process can be
repeated any number of times. The third version offers the highest level of
tamper resistance and only accepts the target presented at initial power up.

The standard actuator is suitable for assembly on the normal aluminium
profile systems. Additional actuator designs include an extremely compact
rectangular target and a very flat, elongated actuator perfect for
design-oriented machines and plants as well as for mounting on polycarbonate
safety gates.

Up to 31 RSS260 safety sensors can be connected in series for evaluation
with a single safety module without compromising the safety level or the
diagnostic capability. The RSS260 can also be combined with other Schmersal
electronic safety switching devices such as the solenoid interlocking device AZM300
as well as the SLC440 light curtains.

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