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Schmersal AZM 300 solenoid interlock for universal application

Control Logic presents the new Schmersal AZM 300 solenoid interlock featuring an innovative interlocking system in the form of a Maltese cross. Significantly different from other switchgear offered on the market, the new interlock can be actuated from three sides, allowing for universal application possibilities.

A major advantage of the Schmersal AZM 300 solenoid interlock is that the user does not need any additional add-on parts such as a door stop or a latching element, since these functions have been integrated in the interlock.

The adjustable latching force, i.e. the non-safety-related interlocking function when the safety guard is unlocked, allows the interlocking system to be smoothly adjusted to suit individual requirements.

Apart from the unique mechanical construction, the AZM 300 also offers innovative electronics including an integrated RFID sensor that detects the identification and coding of the actuator, enabling the user to choose three different types of coding.

In the basic version, the sensor accepts any suitable target. A second coded version only reacts onto an individually assigned target with the teaching procedure repeated an arbitrary number of times. The third variant only accepts the target that was taught upon the first activation.

Schmersal AZM 300 solenoid interlocks meet the requirements of Cat 4, Performance Level e or Safety Integrity Level 3. The IP 69K rating makes the interlock suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive areas.

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