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Schaeffler’s EcoSystem for monitoring motors and drives

Schaeffler is introducing its latest condition monitoring and predictive maintenance technologies that use advanced digital services to look into the future of motors and drives.

Schaeffler Drive Train 4.0 expands conventional condition monitoring approaches by linking digital information sources into a single platform with new options for increased efficiency, machinery lifespan and sustainability, reduced downtime, reduced energy use and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Schaeffler’s Drive Train 4.0 links existing technology with new digital services to take a big step further into the digitalised production and machine monitoring of the future,” says Mark Ciechanowicz, industrial services manager, Schaeffler Australia

Drive Train 4.0’s latest innovations include two newly developed micro services, which focus on optimum machine capacity, longer machine operating times, data-based predictive maintenance, and reduced overall operating costs, says Ciechanowicz.

The new micro services include the calculation of rolling bearings’ nominal remaining useful life during operation based on real load spectra, and automated rolling bearing diagnostics with the FAG SmartCheck vibration analysis system. Both services connect to the Schaeffler cloud, where the corresponding big data and software solutions are implemented. Software installations on the end devices of customers are not required; an internet browser and a network connection are sufficient.

While maintenance personnel previously had to draw and laboriously analyse information from many separate systems, Schaeffler is now offering a platform for bundling, analysing and interpreting these data.

The new technology was showcased at the most recent Hannover Messe, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology, where it was reviewed by the managing director of Schaeffler Australia, Andre Kluge, for suitability to diverse Australasian industries where downtime is costly, and maintenance is expensive and poorly performing machinery wastes time and energy.

Applications include bulk handling and conveyor applications, mining and energy; building, construction and access equipment installations, such as forklifts and logistics; food and beverage and agribusiness processes, including paper and packaging; manufacturing, metals and process engineering, transport and industrial motor and transmission applications, including pumping and HVAC installations and utilities including electricity, water and waste water.

Drive Train 4.0 is part of the Schaeffler Smart EcoSystem, which is attuned to the digital revolution and the linking of components and systems that increase the efficiency of machines and equipment.

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