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SCADA chatroom for security boffins

A new online chatroom/forum for SCADA and control system security enthusiasts has been launched by a group of self-named ‘enthusiast technicians’, in a bid to bring together people and ideas in the SCADA industry worldwide.

The group, which consists of security developers, risk managers, homeland security researchers, engineers, asset and infrastructure managers, and security professionals, started the new discussion forum, at, to “bring together academics and industry people interested in the subject of SCADA and control systems security”.

Topics welcome on the message board also include SCADA-related technologies, such as agents, distributed architectures, non-technical methodologies, and varied discussions relating to impacts from risk to infrastructure.

While the website is US-based, worldwide members are encouraged to join, and bring local issues to the discussion board.

“We hope to create a place in which anyone who works for a critical infrastructure sector, industry or organisation can ask questions, publish articles and read about what others are doing, again, specifically relating and pertaining to SCADA and control systems security activities,” said the group.

“Many active members are representative of information technology (IT), control systems engineers and technical people, as well as asset/owners from the Energy, Water and Transportation sectors.”

Joining is free, and the organisers describe the site as “non-commercial”.


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