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Save energy with Schneider Electric online learning centre

Schneider Electric has launched a new online educational community providing users with information to implement energy efficient solutions in their plants and factories.

Schneider Electric’s Energy University is vendor-neutral, according to the company, and provides users with an online tool for finding the right energy efficient solution covering various applications.

The courses are designed to provide anyone involved in the decision-making, management, planning, design, or construction of a space impacted by energy, a level of expertise to address efficiency issues and apply safe, reliable and cost effective measures, according to the company.

“Schneider Electric believes there is a significant opportunity for sustainable energy savings that is unaddressed by industry and consumers today. Through Energy University, we expect to enable anyone to better understand and act on these opportunities, so they can do more with less,” said Schneider Electric senior vice president, energy and solution university, Paul Hamilton.

“Energy University will reduce complexity and raise awareness by providing global users easy access to practical education on all aspects of energy management.”

Energy University courses are product-agnostic and focus on the critical concepts and best practices necessary to achieve a high degree of energy management. Subject matter experts from all areas of the company assist in the development and creation of the courses.

As the demand for new technologies and knowledge increases, Energy University will be incorporating additional courses to the program, according to Schneider Electric.

Currently, 11 foundational courses are offered— a sample of topics includes:

• Energy Efficiency Fundamentals

• The Economics of Energy Efficiency

• Going Green with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

• Trusted Advisor Program Overview

• Alternative Power Generation Technologies

• Data Center Efficiency: Reducing Electrical Power Consumption

• Lighting Basics for Energy Efficient Applications I

Each course can typically be completed in less than one hour and the online platform makes learning convenient and accessible from any internet-ready computer.

The self-paced learning experience is enhanced by an accompanying quiz for success measurement and preparation for the certification exam.

The certification verifies that a user has a comprehensive understanding of energy management and is able to independently handle situations related to energy awareness, problem solving and solutions design.

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