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Santos GLNG underground gas transmission pipeline reaches milestone

Construction has commenced on Santos GLNG Project’s 420 km underground gas transmission pipeline from its gas fields to Gladstone.

Santos GLNG Project Pipeline Manager Greg Jones said Saipem Australia was constructing the pipeline, which was scheduled for completion in less than two years.

“Saipem Australia has started work on the pipeline in Arcadia Valley with fencing, and clearing and grading well underway,” Jones said. “Sod has been turned on around 20 km of the pipeline route, and the team is now undertaking stringing and bending of the pipe.

“This represents an important milestone as it means the pipes will be lined up along the route in preparation for trenching and burying.”

Stringing involves laying pipes end to end next to the trench alignment. The pipes are placed on padded bags that are raised on blocks of wood to protect the pipe.

Bending is the process that then follows to use specialist machines to bend some pipe sections to adjust for minor variations in the route and terrain.

Jones said burial of the pipe was due to start in Arcadia Valley in early November and once this is completed the area is backfilled and rehabilitated.

Pipeline work will continue to traverse north from Arcadia Valley and then turn north-east to cross the Expedition Range.

Thiess had been awarded the contract to construct the pipeline under the Gladstone Harbour. "Thiess will construct a 4.3 km pipeline under the sea bed crossing the narrows in Gladstone without dredging or trenching which will minimise our impacts on the harbour,” Jones said.

“Thiess have advised us that this project will provide job opportunities for around 125 people and they will be using a 95 percent Australian workforce.”

Santos GLNG underground gas transmission pipeline reaches milestone.

The pipeline will be closely aligned with the existing Queensland Gas Pipeline for much of its length. It will start approximately 40 kilometres east of Injune and travel north up the eastern side of Arcadia Valley.

The pipeline will approach Gladstone from the south west, entering the Gladstone State Development Area and cross Port Curtis between Friend Point and Laird Point.

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