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Sanrig now supplying remote water reservoir checks

New South Wales company Sanrig is now providing remote inspection services for water storage reservoirs used for industrial processes, potable water and associated equipment.

According to Sanrig, water storage facilities need to have regular inspection of pipes, pump inlets, access ladders and other underwater fittings to ensure trouble-free operation.

The company has recently acquired a compact AC-ROV remote-operated vehicle from Seavision Technologies. The ROV is used to inspect equipment and record and report on the condition of reservoir structures.

The ROV is able to view and record images of accumulation of corrosion, sludge or foreign matter that affects submerged outlets of pumping equipment, according to Sanrig.

“Operation of the AC-ROV is straightforward. Combined with our long experience in construction, repair and reconfiguring storage equipment, the AC-ROV is a powerful tool that lets us safely identify, plan and implement necessary work,” said Sanrig representative, James Walker.

“We can now inspect, record and report detailed maintenance issues without unnecessarily placing personnel into hazardous environments. The system can be deployed quickly and is straightforward to use.”

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