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SAGE Automation and Inaco focus on PlantPAx

SAGE Automation and Inaco recently hosted a technical presentation of Rockwell’s PlantPAx Process Automation System for end users and system integrators.

Paul Goodwin from Inaco provided a practical demonstration of key features of a live PlantPAx system, showing how easy it is for engineers and operators to perform what would normally be complex configuration tasks, quickly putting together a complete automation system including PLC software, HMI animations, a Batch Execution system, historical data logging, and even board-quality reports.

Attendees learned that PlantPAx is not a completely new automation platform – instead, it builds on many Rockwell Automation technologies to provide a unified automation system.

PlantPAx is thus suitable not just for greenfield automation projects; users of existing automation systems can also benefit from PlantPAx.

For example, pre-built PlantPAx process function blocks can be added to an existing ControlLogix PLC program, and when combined with pre-built PlantPAx operator interface elements like animated icons and face-plates, extensions to existing automation systems can be implemented in a short period of time.

This assists systems integrators like SAGE to deliver automation projects more efficiently than before.

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