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Saft wins Oz defence contract to supply lithium-ion batteries

US-based Saft has won a contract with the Australian Defence Force to supply BB-2590 high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to power equipment such as military radios, bomb disposal robots and drones.

“The need for rechargeable batteries during defense operations continues to increase, and our recent development of a high capacity version of the BB-2590 battery is our testimony to continued support for the Australian Defence Force and other defense organisations around the world,” said Alok Goswami, General Manager of Saft Australia.

In addition to the latest BB-2590 battery, Saft offers a combination of standard military packs in multiple technologies and made-to-order solutions based on customer requirements. That adaptation extends to larger systems such as the Xceliion 6T (X6T). Currently designed for military vehicles with high power and engine starting, Saft is working to develop a high-energy version of the X6T for extended silent watch and other military missions. By partnering with customers and determining the needs of today’s military applications, Saft continues to develop new products that meet tough field requirements while providing superior performance.

“Militaries are in mission critical situations every minute,” said Annie Sennet, executive vice-president of Saft’s Space & Defense division. “There is no room for compromise in these missions, and at Saft, our duty is to provide reliable power. We understand the needs of today’s modern militaries are constantly evolving, and our R&D team is well-equipped to help them chart the course.”

Saft is poised to answer the ever-increasing demand for portable batteries with unrivalled field record of over 110 battery references for OEM equipment in primary batteries, as well as 50 references in rechargeable batteries.

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