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Safety solutions now ‘strategic’ purchase: ARC study

Human and machine safety in manufacturing plants has become a critical topic for global manufacturers due to an increased awareness of its strategic value, according to a report from ARC Advisory Group.

Safety, in terms of human and machine ‘health’ and environmental protection, has moved to the forefront of the minds of internal engineering organisations, that are increasingly being directed to change the way safety systems are specified and designed, because the business goals can be aligned, said ARC.

ARC’s report, ‘Machine Safeguarding Solutions Worldwide Outlook’, said that the overall global safeguarding market is growing as a direct result of the continued demand for automated machinery.

“Machinery shipments escalated at an unprecedented rate in virtually every sector of the market. Consequently, the demand side is creating a pull in the market across the entire range of safeguarding product segments,” said the report.

“Furthermore, safeguarding is spreading rapidly outside of just the automotive sector, leading to opportunity for the nimble machine safeguarding supplier. The challenge to suppliers of machine safeguarding components is to respond to the crisis strategically by steering the business toward the emerging industries seeking control reliable safeguarding components.”

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