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Safety laser scanner

The microScan3 reliably protects hazardous areas, accesses, and hazardous points and is designed to set a new benchmark for safety laser scanners, individual safety, as well as productivity.

It has a scanning angle of 275 degrees and the protective field has a scanning range of 5.5 meters.

Thanks to standardised interfaces, its smart connectivity saves costs during cabling. Using the new Safety Designer software, microScan3 can be intuitively configured and comfortably put into operation.

It also indicates its operational status clearly via the multicoloured display.

Safe in different situations microScan3’s rugged design makes it perfectly suited for use in harsh industrial day-to-day work plus increases productivity because of its resilience and reliability.

It has a wide range of applications as it can protect hazardous areas at loading and unloading stations, multi-sided accesses to machines and material gates, machines in harsh environments, as well as hazardous points.

Moreover, microScan3 also ensures presence detection to prevent machines from being restarted without authorisation and is also very flexible and adaptable, which means that protecting hazardous areas doesn’t require any changes to work processes.

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