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Safety laser scanner can be integrated into industrial networks

With the RSL 400 PROFIsafe with PROFINET interface, Leuze electronic is presenting a new model of safety laser scanner which can be integrated into industrial networks with ease.
The new safety laser scanner RSL 400 PROFIsafe with PROFINET interface offers simple integration into industrial networks. In addition to secure communication, this enables easy diagnostics and configuration via central access points. The PROFINET switch is integrated into the removable connection unit. This enables
the replacement of a scanner without network interruption, thus increasing system availability.

The connection unit has standardized connection technology with M12 connectors. Thanks to the lateral cable entry, the RSL 400 only needs a short installation height. Alternatively, AIDA-compliant connection models with push–pull connectors for copper and fiber-optic cables are available. The integrated 2-port switch supports PROFINET Conformance Class C and Isochronous Real Time communication (IRT).

Consequently, the RSL 400 is suited in particular for use in line and ring topologies, as well as use in star topologies. Furthermore, it allows parallel access of standard and safety PLCs, whereby the data load can be minimised through the safety PLC.
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